Cruz Auto Has Answers to your Most Pressing Used Dealership Questions

Here at Cruz, we enjoy working with first-time car buyers and drivers that are interested in a pre-owned vehicle purchase. We understand that the process of purchasing a daily driver can sometimes be intimidating and complicated. That is why we are here to answer every question that you have and make your experience at Cruz as transparent as possible.


Below you will discover frequently asked questions that our team addresses from time to time. If you do not see the question that you have listed, please do not hesitate to reach out for an immediate answer. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


First Time-Buyer and Pre-Owned Shopping Frequently Asked Questions


What is your used car inspection process like?


All vehicles on our lot pass through a multi-point inspection conducted by one of our certified technicians.


Can I include warranty coverage with the used vehicle that I purchase?


Of course! There are a number of warranty coverage options for pre-owned models that our financing team can go over with you.


When I arrive to purchase my vehicle, what should I have with me?


We require your driver ID, proof of insurance, income verification, place of residence and additional contact information when you purchase a pre-owned car from our inventory.


What is my used car price range?


Before pursuing an auto loan on a pre-owned model, it is important to consider the income that you take in. Try not to exceed over 20 percent of your total earnings, and follow a strict budget depending upon your life circumstances and financial responsibilities.


Why is it important to test drive a used vehicle I am interested in?


Any automotive investment is a major decision, and you need to confirm how you feel about a pre-owned vehicle prior to a purchase. Everything from the comfort of the seats to your visibility, the feel of the ride and the responsiveness of the brakes is important in painting a complete picture of what to expect.


Why does the mileage reading on the odometer matter?


A vehicle with a lot of mileage accrued may come at a greater value due to more time on the road, with a low-mileage vehicle offering a greater long-term condition and outlook. Factors such as driving settings and road surfaces do matter with these conditions, however.


What will a vehicle history report tell me?


A vehicle history report can detail the current condition of a model, the work that has been completed, the accidents a car has been involved in and the service that has been conducted.


Is there financing available for me to think about?


Yes. Our financing experts can review auto loan options and other finance opportunities with a sit-down consultation here at our dealership.


What are some of the benefits of buying used?


Choosing to buy pre-owned can be advantageous in a number of ways. With lower monthly payments, little to no down payment and lower insurance costs and registration fees, it can be a great option for working with a restrictive budget. You still get to shop from a range of different quality models as well, meaning that you will have numerous features, body styles and characteristics to consider.